You & Labreycling = sustainable

You & Labreycling = sustainable

Every month, we at Labrecycling post a text in Labinsights asking for your help. And this month.... we would like to thank you, on behalf of our customer, for your beautiful chromatography equipment.

Readers of Labinsights give chromatography equipment a second chance!

As an employee of one of the laboratories in the Netherlands, you obviously have better things to do than waiting for a good offer for your old chromatography equipment. What could be better than having all the work taken out of your hands? And the best part is ... you give chromatography equipment a second chance! Do you have, for example, an HPLC, GC, AAS, ICP/MS or GC-MS, from: Agilent, Shimadzu or Thermo Scientific which you do not use anymore? Or the equipment will be written off this year. Then please contact us. We will offer you a nice amount and make an appointment to take it away.

Mail Labrecycling the following info:

  • Make and model
  • PC & software or not
  • Detailed photos

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