Hoofdafbeelding Waters 2475 Multi λ Fluorescence Detector

Waters 2475 Multi λ Fluorescence Detector

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The 2475 Fluorescence Detector is a multi-channel, tunable, fluorescence detector designed for HPLC applications. The detector delivers the highest sensitivity and selectivity, whether you are monitoring low concentrations of target compounds or low-level impurities.

Waters 2695 HPLC Systeem + 2475 Multi λ FLD (2475 Fluorescence Detector)

The Waters 2695 HPLC System integrates solvent and sample management with consistent system-to-system performance and high reproducibility. The Waters chromatography system ensures the reliability of results through high injection precision for precise quantification and exceptional retention time repeatability for accurate peak identification. The 2695’s solvent delivery system features quaternary blending with a fixed delay volume for consistent and predictable results, regardless of system back pressure. With pulse-free solvent delivery through the serial flow path without the use of dampeners and accurate flow from online solvent degassing and automated solvent compressibility for, the Waters HPLC system truly features advanced solvent delivery capabilities.

Waters 2695 HPLC System + 2475 Multi Wavelength FLD

Condition: refurbished -used in working condition
Manufacterer: Waters Cooperation
Software: PC – Empower

This refurbished Waters 2695 HPLC System with 2475 Multi-Wavelength (Multi Wavelength FLD) Fluorescence Detecto  from Labrecycling is in great shape. It has been tested on working according factory settings of the manufacturer by certified service engineers. The instrument is cleaned (inside and outside) and decontaminated. Broken and spare parts are replaced by original parts of the manufacturer. Revised systems comes with warranty. A longer guarantee period is available. 


HPLC Detectors Multi λ Fluorescence
Waters HPLC systems Waters Alliance 2695
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