Hoofdafbeelding Thermo Scientific Accela HPLC system with Pomp + PDA + Autosampler

Thermo Scientific Accela HPLC system with Pomp + PDA + Autosampler

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Thermo Scientific Accela High Speed LC provides fast, efficient chromatographic separations over a range of flowrates and pressures for HPLC and UHPLC in a single system using the industry's only quaternary high pressure pump.     

Thermo Scientific Accela High Speed LC

Thermo Scientific chromatography instruments allow users to achieve shorter run times with excellent peak symmetry and superior data quality. Accela is designed to optimize performance of sub-two micron particle columns, providing seamless operation from conventional LC pressures up to 1250 bar for U-HPLC separations of complex matrices.

The Thermo Accela Pump 

The Pump is an ultra high performance liquid chromatography instrument. It is a quaternary, low-pressure mixing pump with built-in solvent degassing and pulse dampening systems. The pumping system provides optimum performance in the flow rate ranges needed for liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry. You can run precise gradients from 50 to 1000 µL/min. An extremely low gradient delay volume of 65 µL ensures minimum system cycle times. The integral vacuum degasser offers superb solvent degassing efficiency with less than 500 µL of volume, and the pulse dampener produces stable flow rates without the addition of any gradient delay volume.


  • Optimized for high-throughput applications and sub two micron column particles
  • Maximum reproducibility with isothermal injection and separation
  • Greater application flexibility with multiple sample formats
  • Superior robustness with a diamond coated high pressure valve Accela Photo Diode Array Detector
  • Highest detection sensitivity with proprietary LightPipe technology
  • Designed for U-HPLC separations with a 1cm path length, 2µL LightPipe flowcell
  • Maximum peak resolution with fiberoptic beam shaper
  • Easy maintenance with integrated wavelength validation



Thermo HPLC systems Accela
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