Happy Green 2023

Happy Green 2023

We can start looking back at a successful 2022, or we will work with you to see how we can make 2023 even greener. 

Besides asking for your help once again, in providing beautiful chromatography systems, we want you to know that we are working as green as possible in our operations.

A good example is, that our premises are heated with a heat pump and we generate our energy only with solar panels. On this green energy, we have already saved 10,642 KG of CO2, which represents 318 planted trees.

Buying Labrecyclings' honey is good for your health and local nature!

In addition to generating power through our solar panels, we do another contribution. Every year we provide several large flower meadows, where our bees can live wonderfully and provide us with real delicious honey. No factory applications and no extra sugars. So good for your health, too! We sell this honey and part of the proceeds, we invest in replanting fruit trees. 

To do our work, we need to meet our customers at trade fairs. This means we have to make one or more plane journeys every year. This naturally causes CO2 emissions. To partly offset this, we have already started planting fruit trees, among other things, on our premises in Pesse.  

When picking up equipment, we try to combine appointments as much as possible so that as few kilometres as possible are driven, thus reducing emissions. In addition, we drive Adblue buses. A very clean, environmentally friendly way of driving. 

Join Labrecycling and together we make a Green future!

We would like to ask you to sell or donate your old chromatography instruments to us. What could be better than to give an analytical instrument, a 2nd life and thereby save raw materials, the scrap can always be used. 

Your old chromatography instrument = worth money

Please send us an e-mail with the following information:

  • Which make and model
  •  Detailed photos
  • Year of purchase
  •  Is PC and software included

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