5 winners at Labrecycling

5 winners at Labrecycling

For some years now, we have been informing you, our readers, that we offer money for your used chromatography instruments. This is a great thing. 

But.... what if you are not allowed/want to receive money? 

Labrecycling would like to work with you to donate the amount offered to a foundation of your choice


You work at an organisation that would like to see the takings from your old chromatography instrument donated to charity. 

This is of course always possible. In consultation with you, Labrecycling will select a foundation and donate a sum of money to it. You don't have to do anything for this, just mail us the name of the organisation/foundation. 

Finally, we will send you a short story in which your organisation is mentioned to the foundation in question. 

Labrecycling is looking for your old Agilent 1100 & 1200 

Do you have an Agilent HPLC that you no longer do anything with? Or the device will be written off this year. Then please contact us. We will offer you a nice amount and make an appointment to take it away.

Mail Labrecycling the following info:
- The model 
- PC & software or not 
- Detailed pictures

Ps. Do you have another chromatography system standing? If so, please contact us too!

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